Since 1990, we've been outfitting organizations like yours with fully synthesized Motorola two-way radio rentals and sales that are top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art. Call today for a competitive quote on your next project.

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Service with a smile

We are the radio rental and sales experts that you can trust for reliable radio equipment and communication solutions.


Why choose Moss Comm One?

Easy. We realize customers, like you, are our most important assests, and our employees are dedicated to providing the best service possible with a friendly attitude.


Rental Services

We are the premier provider of Motorola two-way radio rental for events of all types and sizes across the US since 1990.  We strive to offer the best equipment,competitive rates and superior customer service.

Some advantages of renting from Moss

-Competitive rates and multi-event, long term, and non-profit discounts

-Overnight shipping available to anywhere in the US

-Delivery via UPS, Fed Ex, or Local Carrier

-Replacement radios if needed

-24 hour service



Our product spotlight includes all Motorola and Hytera products and accesories.


Repairs and Service

Motorola products are Durable and dependable, but we realize that things happen and sometimes your equipment needs some extra attention, call for repair quote.